Join our virtual airline and fly trough the alps

Our Qualities

Pilatus PC-12 a reliable aircraft

Our brand new fleet depends solely on 15 Pilatus PC-12, a comfortable small passenger aircraft which allows us to bring you to your destination in time.

Fly our tour, get rewarded

Registered on IVAO

With nearly 20 pilots, all active on IVAO, we will soon become the most attractive virtual airline on the network.


Besides our large route network we offer destinations like Friedrichshafen EDNY (Germany) and Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg LFSB (France).

Why us?

We got the tools

Fly the Carenado Pilatus PC-12, the most authentic PC-12 simulator on the market, available for X-Plane, FSX and Prepar3D. Our Pilots can of course fly with an other light aicraft

Certified Experience

Regular virtual trainings ensure the compliance of our pilots in IFR and VFR flight operations.

From Switzerland to the World

Although our primary routes are within Switzerland and the surrounding countries, we also fly the countries abroad.

Active on IVAO

This virtual airline, active on the IVAO network, provides to pilots 83 different routes across

A young team of pilots

A young dynamic team supports you wherever they can.

Close to ATC

We are standing close to our ATC-Partners to be able to fly the most accurate routes in a highly demanding area.


Live flights